Welcome to the Most at Risk Populations' Society in Uganda (MARPS in Uganda). We are a platform of persons who came together to examine the felt needs of people living with HIV. We work with everyone but, we want to stress this categorically that people living with HIV are our priority.

The Most at Risk Populations’ Society in Uganda (MARPs in Uganda) is a diverse, national human rights not-for-profit organization at the intersection of HIV/AIDS, Humanism, status in life and social justice. Together, we confront HIV/AIDS by mobilizing toward Zero HIV-related deaths, zero-discrimination & zero -stigma.

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We use a narrative that is accessible and easy to follow as well as educative. You asked and we provided just that. Our websites, the blog and other social media platforms have been designed using simple templates. We wanted as many people as possible to be able to read what is here. Our approach is unique. We are capturing stories of people or organizations that are not well funded or not funded at all but are involved in HIV work. As much as possible these are the stories we want to capture here as well, the information here will be more relevant to organizations or persons who work with HIV +ve persons who may be operating at very low support budgets. If you are that kind of organization, we would like to work with you. This is not to say we do not work with anyone. We just want to not assume. As a not-for-profit-no-salaried workers' organization, we want to collect around us stories of pain, resilience, forging on and hard work as we move to end HIV. Come here if you need to know  about grassroots, HIV & Human Rights, without Land-cruisers, without electric lights, where some homes go without meals, but where people have resilience as the best asset. Come here for resilience stories. The pictures in our gallery show a unique radical self-efficacy. Enjoy!




MARPS in Uganda is a not-for-profit organization.We strive to offer the best advice and most current news on HIV care. We believe this kind of information is necessary for informed decisions as we all pursue quality life and wellness.

Most At Risk Populations' Society in Uganda (MARPS IN UGANDA)


Our philosophy employs Community Owned Resource Persons (CORPs) who are skilled Health Foot-Print Trackers (HFT). The HFT Model is a two arm strategy rooted in self examination (introvert analysis); and an examination of social-cultural affect that influence access to medicines.

our mission:


We are a downstream organization and therefore we shall provide you with information reflecting quotidian experiences as people struggle with HIV, HPV, Hepatitis, Stigma, Discrimination, Radical self-efficacy, advocacy work, success stories and events which led to these experiences.